BASF Announced That New Fungicide Revysol Gets EPA Registration

BASF Announced That New Fungicide Revysol Gets EPA Registration

For the 2020 growing season, farmers could have a new fungicide for several crops, together with corn and soybeans.

BASF announced – it has obtained EPA registration for Revysol, the industry’s first fungicide to make use of the active ingredient isoporopanol azole, which “…offers fast-acting and long-lasting disease control for a broad vary of crops and disease mixtures,” the company said in an announcement to Revysol has a unique molecular construction that gives it the ability to flex to numerous conformations, offering extra flexibility to fight a broad spectrum of diseases and management resistant strains. As well as, it provides a more extended residual activity than competitors,” BASF says.

In corn, it is a brand name will be Veltyma fungicide. BASF officers say it’s going to give excellent control of primary corn disease including gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, tar spot, and southern rust.

Research from Iowa State University in 2018 confirmed that corn handled with Revysol fungicide persistently outperformed different fungicides in suppressing grey leaf spot when utilized on the VT-R1 stage at a 7-ounce-per-acre use charge.

In soybeans, it’s brand name will probably be Revytek fungicide. BASF officers say it will give excellent control of frogeye leaf spot, septoria, target spot, and Asian soybean rust.

BASF says Revysol options several improvements over DMI fungicide products. These enhancements embody the next: Utility for all kinds of crops, together with corn, soybeans, grapes, potatoes, and sugar beets. Faster fungicide uptake by the plant, resulting in immediate disease-protective motion. Quick absorption resulting in rapid rain fastness and low water solubility, which permits the active ingredient to move via the plant for more prolonged residual exercise.  Curative exercise, or postinfection applications, made previous to symptoms creating, can help cease the disease from progressing and save yield.

BASF has spent several years of research and discovery to develop Revysol, according to an organization spokesperson. Along with corn and soybean products, the Revysol AI can be accessible in Provysol fungicide for potatoes, sugar beets, and peanuts, and Cevya fungicide for grapes, almonds, pome, and stone fruits.

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