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Belgian Consortium Has Launched First of Its Kind High-Wave Offshore Solar Project

Belgian Consortium Has Launched First of Its Kind High-Wave Offshore Solar Project

A Belgian consortium has launched a project in high-wave offshore solar technology with the goal of building floating solar parks within the North Sea.

Large maritime market players Tractebel, Jan De Nul Group, DEME, Soltech, and Ghent University shaped a consortium and introduced the launch of an innovative project with in the field of marine floating solar technology.

The consortium strongly believes that solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in offshore waters are one of the many relevant future green energy sources. They are combined in the same location with aquaculture and offshore wind power; this modern expertise allows for the further efficient use of the available area.

Whereas solar PV technology prices are nonetheless consistently lowering, the evolution towards high-wave offshore functions is a logical subsequent step after freshwater floating PV on lakes and dams and low-wave offshore purposes in lagoons and different sheltered environments.

Factors such as land scarcity, large scale standardization, and NIMBY impression are certainly anticipated to assist the growth of the offshore solar-energy market as they did for wind energy. Generally, this growth will be seen as a step in the direction of the additional improvement of the Blue Economy, driving ideas such as cities on the water, offshore energy hubs, and so on.

Taking solar expertise to a rough offshore environment wants the prevailing solar PV panels to be adapted to resist salty water and stand up to robust currents and wave action.

Besides, an aggressive price idea for the floater construction ought to be designed. Lastly, ecosystem integration of the floating PV panels will be investigated from the beginning, to reduce the impact as a lot as possible.

The consortium companions convey all the required skills and expertise collectively to make this innovative projects success.

Whereas Tractebel has constructed strong engineering expertise in each PV expertise and offshore engineering, DEME and Jan De Nul Group are highly experienced in marine operations and involved in numerous windfarm developments and installations.

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