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New York Granted Two Major Offshore Wind Contracts to Norway’s Equinor

New York Granted Two Major Offshore Wind Contracts to Norway's Equinor

New York on Thursday granted two major offshore wind contracts to Norway’s Equinor and a joint venture between Denmark’s Orsted and U.S. utility Eversource, procuring extra of the renewable power than it had proposed as a part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ambitious plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

Cuomo announced at a New York City news convention directly before signing into regulation a landmark climate bill to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. The law mandates decreasing emissions by 85% from 1990 ranges by 2050, and offsetting the remaining 15%, making the state carbon-neutral.

Offshore wind is expected to play a critical role in reducing the state’s emissions, and the country has an aim of procuring 9,000 megawatts (MW) by 2035. The two contracts unveiled on Thursday add as much as 1,700 MW of capacity, or sufficient to power 1 million homes, Cuomo mentioned. The state’s first procurement had initially planned to be between 800 and 1,200 MW.

As a substitute, it awarded an 880-MW contract to Orsted and Eversource for the Dawn Wind challenge off the Japanese coast of Long Island and one other 816-MW commitment to Equinor for its Empire Windfarm that can provide New York City.

The initiatives shall be completed by 2024, Cuomo stated, additionally pledging $287 million in state funds to construct services to support the industry.

Four leading developers had submitted proposals to the state, together with a joint venture between EDF and Shell and another between Avangrid Inc and Copenhagen Infrastructure Companions.

The New York contract marks one other current win for Orsted, which the state of New Jersey awarded last month a 1,100-MW contract for a project off the coast of Atlantic City.

The selection of Orsted and Equinor continues the trend of European companies dominating the nascent U.S. offshore wind sector.

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