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Russian Gazprom Neft and USC Have Partnered for LNG Project

Russian Gazprom Neft and USC Have Partnered for LNG Project

Gazprom Neft a Russian oil producer, Gazprom gas-engine fuel, and the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) have settled tripartite cooperation and strategic partnership settlement on creating a liquid natural gas (LNG) fleet and associated infrastructure.

The memorandum was signed by CEO Alexei Medvedev, Gazpromneft Marine Bunker Acting, Gazprom gas-engine fuel, Director-General Oleg Melekhin, and USC President Alexey Rakhmanov.

The settlement envisions the events cooperating in analysis and development activities directed at creating manufacturing capability each for building vessels operating on LNG, and in developing LNG infrastructure. The events also plan collective engagement with shipping firms — potential purchasers of LNG vessels.

A further space of cooperation considerations joint involvement in creating and high quality-tuning the regulatory framework for LNG fuel usage throughout the Russian Federation – Gazpromneft Marine Bunker is having now started the practical exercise of international standards in LNG bunkering in Russian delivery, in 2018.

Below the memorandum, the events have agreed a joint “roadmap” directed at growing the bunkering LNG bunkering market, with USC analyzing present technical capabilities for developing, building and certifying LNG vessels.

Specialists at Gazpromneft Marine Bunker shall be enterprise extensive and integrated analysis of initiatives to develop LNG “ship-to-ship (STS)” and “shore-to-ship” bunkering infrastructure.

The financial viability and environmental friendliness of this fuel mean the proportion of vessels operating on LNG is growing yearly. Gazprom Neft’s collaboration with leading Russian shipbuilders and gas-engine fuel producers will assist develop this new market — on the one hand by creating a domestic LNG-fleet, and, on the other, by developing modern, high-tech maritime and river-transport bunkering infrastructure mentioned Alexei Medvedev Gazpromneft Marine Bunker Acting CEO.

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