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Spell of Rain Could Be Useful for The Crops in Upcoming Days

Spell of Rain Could Be Useful for The Crops in Upcoming Days

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the crop this year for weather with rain that kept farmers from planting in the spring, adopted by a week-long dry spell that threatened crops.

Now, a more normal sample is on the way with several parts of the Corn Belt seeing rainfall.

Some decent rain fell in elements of the south-central Midwest this week, with more on the way, said Donald Keeney, a senior agri meteorologist at Maxar in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The rain is coming at a critical time for crops.

About 90% of the U.S. corn crop is silking, behind the prior five-year average of 97% for this time of the year, based on the USDA.

Some 39% is within the dough stage, behind the average of 61%, and 7% was dented, lower than half the 16% normal, the USDA stated in a report earlier this week.

About 57% was rated good or excellent, unchanged week to week however down from 70% at this time in 2018.

The soybean crop is also behind with 82% blooming, behind the normal 93%, while 54% have been setting pods vs. the average of 76%, the company mentioned in its report.

Fifty-four % was in a good or glorious condition at the start of this week, unchanged from the previous week however down from 66% at this time last year.

Commodity Weather Group stated in a report to shoppers Wednesday morning that the best chance for showers heading into the weekend is in the Midwest, however moisture stress is focused on central and southeastern Iowa, central and southeast Illinois, central Ohio, and parts of Michigan, or about a quarter of the Corn Belt.

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