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Syngenta Is Boosting Its Investment and Offerings in Agricultural Technology

Syngenta Is Boosting Its Investment and Offerings in Agricultural Technology

Syngenta is promoting its investment and offerings in agricultural technology – A distinct signal of reliance within the emerging business. This week the corporate announced it acquired all related property of Cropio Group along with asserting new tools and commodities available for farmers.

The recently-acquired Cropio platform is an equipment-integrated, end-to-end software that gives recordkeeping, imaging, and tools tracking. With this purchase, Syngenta owns management platforms within the U.S. with Land.db, Brazil with Strider, China with the Modern Agricultural Platform and eastern Europe with Cropio.

Syngenta lately introduced it will use artificial intelligence to power its new NK Seed Analyzer tool. It’s a brand agnostic software that helps farmers match seeds to fields based on condition in the area.

Farmers utilizing the app enter in historical agronomic info to tailor their seed portfolio based mostly on geography, soil, precipitation, historic crop stressors, and product efficiency by year and region.

Farmers who develop Golden Harvest corn or soybeans will also achieve data integration with John Deere Operations Center. Syngenta says using John Deere’s API providers’ farmers will be able to receive higher recommendations by way of Golden Harvest’s digital ag platform E-Luminate.

This marks the first data integration for E-Luminate—obtainable on desktop and mobile app. Anyone who crops Golden Harvest can get E-Luminate for free through Golden Harvest Seed Advisors.

This winter will be the first time farmers can share harvest data with seed advisors robotically with this connectivity from John Deere and E-Luminate.

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